Mission of the School-Preschool Team of the Pro Liberis Silesiae Association in Raszowa

Every child’s interest, individual needs, and abilities are the starting point and the goal of our comprehensive task. By upbringing with love, responsibility, a spirit of justice as well as goodness, we prepare children for the active and conscious shaping of our modern world. Our pedagogical activities are aimed at the individual personality of every child, which must respect the child's dignity and respect for the various stages of its development. In line with the expectations of modern society, we educate children in a spirit of universal values, taking into account the ground rules of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori.
“Help me to do it myself” means for us to prepare children for a conscious and responsible life, while shaping our Team as a "Place of learning and exploring the world" in the 21st century.
The spirit of Upper Silesia, its diversity, rich history, knowledge and furthermore its respect for identity and languages are very important to us.
Our goal is to educate graduates of an independent, creative and strong personality. Which master multiple languages and as such are able to find a future proof place in this modern society.
By our work, we actively support the uniqueness of the children, strengthen their trust in themselves and want them to develop comprehensively.
We’re seeking after innovative solutions and answers in which the pace of work, goal-only orientation and failures are not decisive, but looked at as new opportunities for developing every child individually.
The personal, human and professional pedagogical attention should give the children a meaningful present and future, which they can confidently and willingly shape on their own.